Midland Sheriff's deputies need help

The Midland Deputy Sheriff's Association is holding a cookout and raffle fundraiser for two of their deputies in need.  Deputy David Cano's wife was murdered in a road-rage incident.  The case is currently being investigated by the Texas Rangers.  Jail Deputy Randy Gouard is locked in a custody dispute with the mother of his 8 year-old daughter, Chloe.  They believe that Chloe is in need of monetary care, and that the mother is not providing for her.  The Sheriff's Association is working on a fund that would provide her with care and cannot be accessed by others for their personal gain.  In Amarillo, we obviously cannot attend the hamburger cookout in Midland.  But you can scan the QR code on the digital flyer to buy raffle tickets to support their cause.  I know Midland deputies would appreciate your support.  Thank you for supporting law enforcement in Amarillo and all over the state of Texas.